JBL Science
Quality analytical and bioanalytical research solutions

Chemicals Industry

With expertise from commodity chemicals through to speciality chemicals such as polymers, we ensure product quality


From hydrocarbon speciation, trace contaminant identification to materials testing for failure analysis

Building and Construction

Molecular level survey of building sites and materials analysis to give confidence in the integrity of your products and buildings

Food Manufacturing

From nutritional reports to ingredient characterisation and novel packaging, we support all aspects of food manufacturing 


Sub nanometer level imaging and detailed spectroscopic characterisation of macromolecular complexes

Renewable Energy

From biomass characterisation to innovative materials for modern battery technology and everything in between

Life Sciences

Multi-disciplinary life science research supporting bioscience product development, study design and data collection

Agricultural industry

From analysis of soils, plants and animal feeds to agrochemicals, we work to improve your agricultural processes


Structural analyses and computational simulations to support SAR and ADME method development and application

Cutting edge analytical equipment

Our labs are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation, maintained and operated by experts with decades of collective experience.

Application areas

These are just some of the areas that we can help you with

From composition to properties

Integrating surface and molecular analyses with physical characteristics

Analysing and optimising

Identifying problem processes to allow continuous improvement

Cross-disciplinary capabilities

Spanning chromatography, mass spectrometry and structural studies

Atomic-level information

Robust identification of unknowns, contaminants and toxic species

Informing our environment

Generating cross-industry knowledge to define and safeguard our resources

Defining chemical bonding

Angstrom resolution structures for rational design of chemicals and materials

Optimising function

Defining optimal concentrations to improve product performance

High powered -omics

State-of-the-art mass spectrometry enabled workflows for biomarker discovery

Extensive scientific reports available

Our methods are verified by our peers through our ever-expanding list of scientific publications. Browse through our back catalogue of application reports, find out about our latest methodolgical developments and catch up on our other business news.


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