Meet the team

JBL Science Staff

  • Dr. Nick Riess

    Project Scientist

    With a varied background in protein expression and purification, biogeochemistry and materials analysis, Nick brings a wealth of practical expertise and organisational excellence to our research projects
  • Dr. Steve Prior

    NMR Expert

    After working in various locations around the world, Steve now leads work using NMR to characterise the structures of small and large molecules alike
  • Dr. Sarir Sarmad

    Mass spectrometry expert

    With over 15 years research experience in the UK and abroad, Sarir is an expert in quantitative mass spectrometric workflows and bioanalytical processes
  • Dr. Sarwat Iqbal

    Materials Characterisation Expert

    A specialist in crystallography and various spectroscopies, Sarwat works on the synthesis and characterization solid state materials, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and renewable materials from biomass
  • Prof Ian Scowen

    Professor of Chemistry

    With a varied background in x-ray crystallography and molecular spectroscopies, as well as significant experience in devising and directing commercially-important research projects, Ian brings a wealth of relevant expertise to JBL Science
  • Prof Belinda Colston

    Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Cultural Heritage

    As a leader in the field of heritage science, Belinda combines skills in analytical chemistry with an understanding of historic materials to enhance conservation practices for both museum collections and the built environment
  • Jacqueline Gray

    Industry Liaison and External Relationships Manager

    Jacqueline is a solution-focused relationship manager and business development professional working to support industry engagement and the development of mutually beneficial collaborations
  • Mr Joel Able

    Laboratory Technician

    After obtaining a degree in Forensic Science, Joel now utilises his multidisciplinary knowledge, particularly in chromatographic and spectroscopic analytical techniques, to assist with teaching and research at the university.
  • Mr Konrad Peutherer

    Laboratory Technician

    As an established member of the School of Pharmacy technical team, Konrad is knowledgeable in the manufacture of a range of formulations alongside subsequent product testing. Additionally, Konrad is an experienced cell biologist.