Meet the team

Prof Ian Scowen
Professor of Chemistry
School of Chemistry,
University of Lincoln,
Green Lane,
United Kingdom
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Short Biography:

Ian obtained a PhD from the University of North London, where he stayed as a lecturer, specialising in research using x-ray methods.

In 2001 Ian moved to the University of Bradford, where he was initially responsible for business development activities and was also director of the analytical sciences centre. Whilst at Bradford, Ian rose to become the Head of Chemical and Forensics Sciences and Professor and Analytical Chemistry.

In 2014, Ian was recruited to the University of Lincoln as the founding Head of the School of Chemistry, where he established the analytical instrumentation base.

Ian has a diverse portfolio of expertise, taking in x-ray methods, molecular spectroscopic, materials chemistry and forensic sciences, amongst others.

With a varied background in x-ray crystallography and molecular spectroscopies, as well as significant experience in devising and directing commercially-important research projects, Ian brings a wealth of relevant expertise to JBL Science