Meet the team

Mr Sam Goldwater
Laboratory Technician
Science Building,
University of Lincoln,
Brayford Pool
United Kingdon
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Short Biography:

Sam obtained a degree in chemistry from the University of Sussex and has a keen interest in inorganic chemistry and the mathematical symmetry of compounds. After graduating, Sam went on to work in the materials analysis sector, using an automated SEM/EDX to uniquely classify asbestos content within building materials and household items alike.

Sam started working at the University of Lincoln as a Technician Assistant in the School of Chemistry during the summer of 2017, utilising his skills in chemistry to provide support for undergraduate teaching laboratories, whilst also providing operation, teaching and maintenance for the Scanning Electron Microscope and its Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrophotometer and undertaking research projects to address industrial problems.

Sam is actively diversifying his analytical portfolio to become an expert in a wide range of technical instrumentation, such as HPLC, GC-MS, PXRD and XRF.

With a degree in Chemistry, and several years’ experience in the materials analysis sector, Sam provides specialised SEM/EDX knowledge for research purposes as well as supporting teaching to students across the scientific disciplines.