Meet the team

Dr. Sarwat Iqbal
Materials Characterisation Expert
JBL Laboratories,
University of Lincoln,
Green Lane,
United Kingdom
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01522 835875
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Short Biography:

Dr Sarwat Iqbal is an Instrument Scientist specialising in solid state materials, and with diverse expertise in the application of crystallography and various spectroscopies to understand the properties of novel materials. Prior to moving to Lincoln, she worked as a Senior Researcher at Cardiff Catalysis Institute, Cardiff University (2012-2018) and as a Project leader at Avantium Technologies Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2010-2012). She did her PhD in Physical chemistry at Cardiff University with Professor Graham J. Hutchings (2006-2009) and was sponsored by SABIC. Sarwat’s research interests lie in the design of heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of clean chemicals for sustainable biofuels and chemicals production from renewable resources, specifically waste biomass (e.g. forestry waste, and food etc).

Subject Specialisms

Alternative Raw Materials, Materials Analysis, Molecular Structure Determination, Molecular Spectroscopies, Imaging Modalities, Physical Measurements

A specialist in crystallography and various spectroscopies, Sarwat works on the synthesis and characterization solid state materials, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and renewable materials from biomass