Clinical Chemistry

Blood collection tubes in a rack ready for analysis

Whether you are interested in electrolytes and minerals, endocrine hormones, bioactive peptides or immuno-regulatory proteins, we have workflows that allow quantitative detection of a wide range of clinically-relevant biomarkers in body fluids, such as serum, plasma or urine. We have a several technologies available and significant expertise in data interpretation to allow us to service all your clinical chemistry research needs.

Monitoring the levels of molecules in bio-fluids, such as plasma, serum or urine, can report on a variety of clinical phenotypes, including kidney and liver function, blood disorders or cardiac activity. We can perform basic or comprehensive metabolic panel tests as well as a range of other, standard clinical chemistry tests . The current portfolio includes electrolytes - such as sodium, potassium - other minerals - such as calcium, magnesium - vitamins and other metabolites and immuno-relevant proteins - such as immunoglobulins.

However, your research needs might include measurements of body fluid-based molecules that are not contained in standard tests - we can work with you to develop and apply bespoke assays for the majority of small molecules contained in various matrices. Talk to us to discuss how we can develop novel assays or apply existing ones.

Note, that these assays are available for research purposes only and are not suitable for medical or veterinary diagnostic purposes.


A clinical chemist starts to prepare an assay

Key industrial sectors that can make use of clinical chemistry testing include

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and formulation


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Mass spectrometry

Clinical chemistry analysis