A forensic scientist studies samples using a form of imaging microscope

What went wrong and how - is anyone to blame - where did contamination come from - can we prevent future problems? These questions, and others, are addressed through our forensic engineering and industrial forensics portfolio of methods. We are also skilled in methodological development and improvement to allow us to create novel methods for detection and quantification of molecules in a range of matrices. Put our forensic services to the test.

Whether it is a fault in your water circulating system, a breakdown in machinery or failure in key product components, we have methods to discover the cause. We have detected trace quantities of noxious chemicals on fabric and analysed alterations to the elemental composition of metals during corrosion, quantified levels of toxic elements in paint and investigated failures in construction materials. We can bring a range of sensitive, accurate and sophisticated tools to bear to allow us to identify problems and stop them recurring.

As well as industrial forensics, we also have significant skills in chemical forensics, using instrumentation commonplace in drug monitoring to develop novel methods of detection. Such methods are typically based on mass spectrometry, where our equipment and personnel are cutting edge.

We can handle large and small samples and can visit your site to see problems in situ. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


A forensic chemist pipettes samples during an assay to detect trace contaminants

Key industrial sectors that need forensic science solutions include

Chemicals Industry


Agriculture and farming

Food Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Construction


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies

Imaging modalities

Mass spectrometry

Physical measurements