Formulation Science

Volumetric flasks filled with liquids of differing formulations

Drawing on significant expertise in process chemistry and pharmacy, JBL Science offers a range of techniques to characterise and reformulate composite materials as diverse as paints, cosmetics, petroleum products, detergents and pharmaceuticals. We can work with you to develop new desirable properties for your existing products as well as synthesising novel products using our full range of formulation science techniques.

Through targeted use of sophisticated molecular techniques, such as NMR spectroscopy, simultaneous thermal analysis and mass spectrometry, we can investigate the characteristics of existing formulations. Our state of the art synthetic chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories allied to our academic expertise gives us the capability to manufacture a wide range of materials and compounds of interest. Together, we can define and optimise your formulations, including using bespoke components and ingredients, to focus on the properties that matter to you.

For pharmaceutical clients we offer a tabletting suite with bespoke instrumentation for testing key properties of a fully formulated product such as dissolution rates and hardness testing. In addition, our analytical instrumentation suite allows us to test the chemical and physical properties of a wide range of materials from transdermal delivery of pharmaceuticals to tensile strength testing of building materials.


A scientist carefully weighs a chemical into a beaker on a top pan balance

Key industrial sectors that could benefit from formulation science investigations include

Agriculture and farming

Chemicals Industry

Food Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturing and Construction


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies


Mass spectrometry

Physical measurements