Process Improvement

A chemist works at a fume cupboard to improve reaction conditions

We understand that your business cannot stand still - continued improvement of existing processes is required to increase quality while decreasing cost. We specialise in process technologies used in scientific, industrial, engineering and construction/manufacturing sectors. We can analyse your processes and identify suitable areas for optimisation and improvement, to give you confidence that you are delivering optimal efficiencies whilst meeting modern quality standards

Continuous improvement in industrial processes is a full time job, involving maintenance and ensuring reliability of key components of a plant to ensuring that all steps in the process are as efficient as possible with minimised waste generation. Coupled with our materials analysis expertise, we can work with you to identify how and why failures occur to allow maintenance programmes to be devised. Our industrial chemists can analyse your process to suggest efficiency savings, to identify sources of by-product generation and to increase and optimise performance.

We can visit your sites to allow us to understand your requirements more fully. Get in touch today to start the improvement process.


Flow control taps and pipework form part of a model of an industrial process

Key industrial sectors that could benefit from alternative raw materials include

Chemicals Industry


Agriculture and farming

Food Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Construction

Renewable energy


Tools and technologies of relevance include

 Molecular spectroscopies

Physical measurements