Clinical Chemistry

Instrument: Horiba ABX Pentra 400

Our clinical chemistry analyser provides automated, high throughput measurements of a range of physiologically-relevant analytes in body fluids, such as blood, serum, plasma, CSF and urine, or in other homogeneous liquids, such as clarified tissue homogenates or cell culture media. Although marketed for use in clinical diagnostics, our instrument is used exclusively for research purposes.

Standard analytes include proteins such as albumin or immunoglobulins, small molecule biomarkers of metabolic integrity or pathology, such as bilirubin or triglycerides, and important vitamins/minerals such as vitamin D or iron.

Since many tests are based on colorimetric responses to functional/binding assays, they are species non-specific. However, some tests, particularly for non-enzymatic proteins, are based on antibody binding and may only work on human samples. 

Our clinical chemistry analyser can be programmed for bespoke methods and we can develop novel assays specific for your requirements, including the use of targeted antibodies for specific proteins.
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