Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Instrument: several GC-MS systems plus Thermo Scientific TSQ Duo GC-MS/MS with Triplus RSH autosampler

GC-MS/MS is similar to GC-MS in that samples undergo a separation by gas phase chromatography prior to being analysed by the mass spectrometer. However, in GC-MS/MS a tandem mass spectrometer is used which allows us to select specific analytes for individual fragmentation. This allows more complex mixtures to be analysed more readily.

The mass spectrometer used for GC-MS/MS uses a beam of electrons to ionise analytes, but this instrument also has a mode where the electrons ionise an intermediate gas, which then ionises the analyte in secondary reactions. This process minimises the decomposition of the analytes during ionisation and allows more sensitive fragmentation during the MS/MS stages.

GC-MS/MS can be used for identification of volatile organic compounds, but can also be used for quantitative workflows by comparison of signals to standards. It is extremely useful for trace analysis of organic compounds.
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