Nutritional Analyses

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A basic requirement of food manufacturing is the provision of information about the nutritional content of food - this is covered by various regulatory frameworks in different worldwide locations. However, what is often required is a breakdown of the amount of energy, protein, carbohydrate - further subdivided into sugars and starch - fats, fibre and salt. Further information can frequently be provided, such as the levels of various vitamins and minerals.

JBL Science can work with you to provide essentially any type of nutritional information, either in your final product or at various points during your food manufacturing process. We can do this for raw ingredients to allow comparisons, as well as other non-food products that are derived from plant or animal sources, such as dietary supplements. The assays for different nutritional groups depend on what is being measured and the standard methods by which measurement takes place. Some are based on chemical or biochemical characteristics of the nutritional group and typically involve calorimetric measures, whilst others are based on HPLC and/or mass spectrometry

If you need specific, specialist measures, we have many years of expertise in developing quantitative assays for small molecules based on LC-MS/MS and we can work with you to formulate a research plan for such eventualities.
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