Food Manufacturing

Doughnuts made in industrial quantities on a conveyor belt

Feeding the planet is set to become a major problem in coming decades and the UK is well placed to respond, since food manufacturing is one of our largest and most innovative sectors. At JBL Science we understand the challenges faced by your business due to ever-changing food safety regulations, supply chain uncertainties, market pressures and the constant strive for efficiency savings. Through strategic partnerships we can deliver a range of research-led solutions to your food business.

JBL Science can provide a vast range of novel and innovative scientific research tools and techniques, as well as routine measures of food composition, nutritional content and safety. We can harness expertise from our partners at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM) who are based strategically at the University of Lincoln’s Holbeach campus in an internationally important region for food manufacture. Between us we have a wealth of expertise in helping food technology companies innovate.

By utilising the facilities and expertise at both the NCFM and JBL Science, together we can help your business develop novel food manufacturing processes (e.g. packaging automation), assess product safety (e.g. microbiological testing) and assess the current market requirements. We also have expertise in food sector auditing allowing us to work with you to assess your supply chain to reduce risk and increase confidence. Set in one of the UK's agricultural heartlands, we can provide synergies between fresh food producers and your food manufacturing company.

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Vegetables growing in a field

Key application areas for the food industry include

Process improvement

Materials analysis


Molecular structure determination

Environmental sciences and contamination

Metabolomics and proteomics


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies


Mass spectrometry

Imaging modalities

Physical measurements