Light through a prism

Molecular Spectroscopies

Elemental composition, molecular structure and other molecular-level properties from the interaction of light with matter

Microscope optics

Imaging Modalities

Visualise materials, nanoparticles or cells, using surface or 3-dimensional techiques, at down to nanometer resolution

Chromatography in action


Separation science options from preparative to analytical scales and for small chemicals to macromolecular complexes

Headspace vials

Mass Spectrometry

Accurate, robust and sensitive mass measurements using cutting edge instrumentation including -omic pipelines

Stainless steel instrument

Physical measurements

Determining the bulk properties of materials, such as viscosity, particle size, electrical conductivity and more

Microbiological culture plates

Other techniques

A wide range of other capabilities from protein production and peptide synthesis to nutritional and clinical analyses