Imaging Modalities

Tablets being imaged using a microscope with several different optics

When molecular- or cellular-level visualisation of samples is required, microscopic analysis is essential. JBL Science applies a wide range of state-of-the-art imaging equipment to provide you with high resolution imaging of surfaces down to nanometer levels, to provide materials and surface characterisation to a variety of industrial sectors and in applications ranging from failure analysis and surface coating to sub-cellular distribution of proteins.

Imaging tiny samples typically involves some form of microscope - these are instruments that use lenses to magnify the surfaces of samples. The classical example of this is optical microscopy, also known as light microscopy, which uses lenses that enable magnification factors of several hundred fold.

Where more sophisticated analytical techniques are required, we have various other capabilities to allow imaging down to atomic scales or to image specific types of molecules. We typically couple microscopes with cameras to professionally image samples at microscopic detail. The following are a selection of tools available but contact us to explore other tools that we have at our disposal.