Terms and conditions

Our full terms and conditions are available on request but the following summarises the key points:


  • In response to an approach from a client, JBL Science will prepare an itemised proposal that will act as a statement of work covering scientific services offered and deliverables. We will indicate those staff members likely to be involved. We will provide estimated costs associated with the project. This proposal shall form the agreement of work between us and the client and deviations to this agreement will only be possible by mutual agreement.
  • After we submit the final report associated with the project, we will invoice the client through the University of Lincoln and the client is expected to make payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice.


  • If testing of a client's materials forms part of the project proposal, the client will supply samples of whatever materials are relevant. JBL Science will keep those materials securely and we will not distribute them to anyone outside of the University of Lincoln, unless permission is granted for us to do so. We will use materials only for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations under the agreed project.
  • The client shall advise us of any health and safety hazards associated with the samples prior to sending them, along with handling and storage requirements.
  • We will hold samples securely for up to 6 months after the end of the project period, at which tie they will be sent back to the client or destroyed unless arranged otherwise between both parties.

Intellectual property

  • Both JBL Science and the client will make the other aware of any background intellectual property owned by either party that directly impinges on our ability to undertake the project. The client grants the University of Lincoln the right to use its background intellectual property where it is necessary for us to deliver the project.
  • Ownership of any potential foreground intellectual property shall be agreed by both parties before work commences.

Confidentiality & publication of results

  • Both JBL Science and the client will agree not to disclose information pertaining to the project to any third party, except by agreement and where it is essential in order to undertake the project.
  • However, JBL Science and the University of Lincoln reserve the right to publish data emanating from the project, according to normal academic practice, provided that it does not infringe the clients intellectual property. This will be strictly with agreement from the client and the client will be given right to amend, edit or withhold publication, although we would expect approval regarding impending publications not unreasonably to be delayed or withheld.

More detail of confidentiality and data security can be found here


  • JBL Science will not be required to continue to undertake the project if it is prevented from doing so by acts or omissions by the client. 
  • Either side can terminate the project at any time by giving notice to the other of its intention to do so, the notice period being agreed in advance of the project starting. If JBL Science have incurred costs by working on the project up to the point of termination, we will invoice the client for those costs.